Talixo Taxi-/Limousine Partner

Talixo is looking for taxi and limousine companies with high quality and service standards, which are interested to increase revenues and profits through optimized order dispatching. Find out, if Talixo is the right thing for you.

How can I benefit from Talixo?

As a driver or taxi/limousine company owner Talixo can generate you more revenues by increasing your utilization in addition to your existing business. With Talixo you and your drivers get optimized routes, which minimize idle times and empty driving, especially at times with low demand.

What do I need to become part of the Talixo network?

Actually you only need well-kept taxis or limousines, good drivers and smartphones. When you apply, we check your licenses and certificates as well as qualification, training and experience of your drivers. If you fulfill all requirements, you can start driving for Talixo asap. You and your drivers don’t have smartphones? No problem, since Talixo has negotiated exclusive contracts with its telecommunication partners. With us you can get a smartphone contract, which is likely to be cheaper than your current cell phone contract.

Become a Talixo Partner