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The Talixo Fleet Management tool saved me days of work
and allowed me to focus on providing the best service to customers.
2012 Best Startup Award
Skolkovo Prize for IT and Energy Efficiency

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Features of the Talixo Fleet Manager

Automate your dispatching

See current positions of all drivers on a satellite map which updates every second. The system automatically finds the closest driver and sends bookings to him.

Access to bookings, on the go

Thanks to the mobile apps, your drivers have access to all bookings in the system, including the market. This allows them to plan additional bookings and earn additional revenue while driving.

All data in one place

The easy to use system allows drivers to immediately notify the dispatchers that the customer has been picked up and dropped off. Drivers have access to all contact details in one app.

Get your brand out there

Take control of your customers with a passenger app tailored specifically for your business.

Available for iOS and Android.

Establish your own channel

Instead of being dependent on external agencies, establish your own brand and attract regular customers to your service.

Automate your business

All of the bookings coming through the apps are pushed directly to the drivers - take a week of exotic vacation while your business keeps running smoothly!

Manage your fleet

Your drivers and vehicles all in one place!
No more excel files and paperwork, access all of your data in seconds. Driver tracking in real time.

Get more bookings

The Talixo Taxi and Limousine market gives you direct access to thousands of bookings around the world, available for your fleet within seconds after joining.

It's a unique opporunity that brings an additional revenue stream for your business - with no cost!

Analyse the data

95% of all fleet managers have never optimised their business based on online data.
Which drivers bring you the most revenue? What are the most common pickup locations?
Which customers are the most lucrative for your business?

Fully automated invoicing

The Talixo system is fully compliant with all local invoicing regulations. Generate invoices for your existing bookings automatically and save hours of paperwork every week.

Send to customers

The system automatically provides the customers with invoices by e-mail. Press one button and it's done.

Analyse your business

Where do you earn the most money? On which trips? At what times? On which days? Which cars are the most efficient?

Take advantage of data to optimise your income.

Benchmark your drivers

Which driver generates most business? How do customers rate your drivers? Which bookings received low reviews? How can you increase satisfaction of your customers and make them book with you again?

Impress your customers

Driver and passenger apps with your brand name and colours in two weeks.

Available on iOS and Android.

Free advertising

The Talixo Online Marketing team works with you to get the most bookings for your business. Along with your efforts, we launch commercial advertising campaigns to promote your business online.

Make your brand count

Provide your regular customers and partners such as hotels, agencies and corporates with an app where they can access your own, customised rates.

Promote your mobile presence and show the customers the quality of your brand.

Over 100,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies

Cooperate with big corporates

Talixo works with reliable fleet partners on the ground to provide quality service to its corporate customers.

Once you get plugged into the Talixo ecosystem, it gives you access to thousands of travellers worldwide.

Invest in your brand

Branded white-labelled apps
with your company logo

Your existing customers travel worldwide. The Talixo network allows you to leverage your current contacts and earn commission for every booking they make worldwide.

Build your own branded, white-labelled apps with your company logo with Talixo.

I want an additional revenue

No more paperwork - automatically invoice your customers

Manage customers and send invoices directly to their e-mail

With the invoicing tool available to Talixo Partners, you can issue invoices, requested by your customers in no time!

After the trip has been executed, you can generate invoices for single trips as well as pooled and customise every part of it - including a fancy design with your logo on top!

Designed for your needs

The invoice template is highly customisable and compliant with standards in Europe, USA, Asia and most countries worldwide.

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