Booking: Easy and simple

  1. Enter your start and destination address, date and time.
  2. Talixo finds a suitable taxi and the best limousine offers within the categories Economy, Business and First Class. Discounts will be displayed immediately. All offers can be booked immediately and without time delay.
  3. Specify the passenger details such that the driver can contact the passenger if necessary.
  4. Verify the booking details and select your preferred payment method. By clicking "Confirm Booking" button the booking process is completed. You will receive a booking confirmation with all the ride details and the payment PIN via email.


Trip: Safe and comfortable to your destination

  1. You receive car and contact details of your driver around 30 minutes before the pickup time via email and text message.
  2. An additional notification is sent to you via text message once the driver has arrived at the pickup location.
  3. After the driver has verified that you are the right customer, he will drive you to your destination.
  4. At the end of your ride you authorize the payment with your PIN. Payment and billing will take place automatically and be displayed in your Talixo account.


Changing or canceling the ride

Changes of your booking or cancelation can be done easily through your Talixo account. While logged in you just go to Bookings and click on the Edit or Cancellation button. Please notice the booking change and cancelation deadlines. Depending on when you change or cancel your booking, additional costs can occur.