Why pre-book a taxi?

We have one word to answer this question: safety.

When you travel to an unknown place and need a ride to a hotel, you usually do not know whether: the taxi you take is safe, the taximeter will not go sky-high or if you’ll be able to communicate with your driver. With us, you know all that beforehand. On top of that, you can adjust the trip to your needs, f.e. once you give us the amount of luggage you’ll be travelling with during the booking, we will choose the car that will fit you best.


How can I book a transfer?

You can book it through our booking platform at talixo.com, in the Talixo app on your phone or via major online travel agencies. It is impossible to book a Talixo ride on the phone or through email.

What vehicles do you offer?

We offer regular and elegant passenger cars and vans for the big luggage bookings, or transport of people in wheelchairs.

The typical cars for our booking classes are the following:

Economy+: Business: First Class: Quality Taxi:
VW: Touran, Caddy
Opel: Zafira
Mercedes: C-Class
Audi: A4
Mercedes: E-Class
BMW: 5 Series; X3;X5
Audi: A6
Mercedes: S-Class
BMW: 7 Series
Audi: A8
various cars

Which class should I book?

We offer 4 booking classes, each prepared for specific needs you might have. Here you can find the most significant features of each car category.

All our limousine transfers include fixed price, automated flight tracking, 24/7 support hotline and pickup with name sign in the arrival hall. Additional luggage, such as sports equipment or child seat are available for limousine transfers.


  • a classy and simple car, such as Toyota Prius
  • the driver will wait for 45 minutes after actual landing time
  • the driver will wait for 15 minutes after the indicated pickup time f.e. after your train/boat arrives


  • an elegant car such as Audi A6
  • the driver will wait 60 minutes after actual landing time
  • the driver will wait for 15 minutes after the indicated pickup time f.e. after your train/boat arrives
  • black car is guaranteed

First Class:

  • an upper class car such as Mercedes Benz S-Class
  • the driver will wait for 90 minutes after the actual landing time
  • the driver will wait for 30 minutes after the indicated pickup time f.e. after your train/boat arrives
  • free bottled water and other goodies on board

Main features of Quality Taxis:

  • estimated price while booking, final price based on taximeter
  • executed by local taxi fleets
  • no waiting time included for airport/train station or any other transfers

To learn more about our booking classes, click here.

How do I know that my ride is confirmed?

Right after you book, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email to your inbox. If you don’t, please check your SPAM box and then contact support@talixo.com.

How can I change a booking?

On the web, you can change your booking by logging in to your account, clicking on “My bookings” tab and clicking on “Edit” on the booking you wish to change.

In the mobile app, you can similarly access “My bookings” in the side menu and edit them.

Please remember that you can make your changes up to 3 hours before the pickup time you gave while booking.

How can I cancel a booking?

If you booked through Talixo:

On the web, you can change your booking by logging in to your account and clicking on “My bookings”. Once you hover over the booking you wish to cancel, the button “Cancel” will appear in the right down corner.

In the mobile app, you can access “My bookings” in the side menu. Once you tap on the booking, you can choose the option to cancel it.

Please keep in mind that you can cancel your booking until 3 hours before the pickup time.

If you booked a Talixo ride with an external booking engine, we cannot cancel the booking, please contact the company you booked with.

How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring up to 8 pieces of luggage in our biggest cars with you assuming that every piece has the size of 55 cm (22”) x 45 cm (18”) x 25 cm (10”). Normally, our passenger cars such as Sedans can fit 3 pieces of luggage in the above-mentioned size, our MPVs fit in 6 and vans take up to 8. Remember to specify the amount of luggage you can bring while making a reservation.

On the website you can do that at the very first stage of the booking by clicking on "More options" and choosing the amount of luggage:

In the Android app, you can also do that on the very first screen:

Swipe down:

In the iOS app on the other hand, you will be presented with the luggage capacity while choosing the car from those available in the area.

Can you provide a child seat?

Yes! We provide child seats for children from 3 to 6 years and from 6 to 12 years. To make sure that the child seat is provided just add it while booking.

On the web, after entering basic details like pickup and dropoff spots, click on “More details” and choose an arrow next to the baby icon and choose the number and option that suits you best.

We advise to repeat that you need children seats in the message to the driver at the end of the booking, but remember that first of all you need to mark child seats in “More details” as above. If you write about the children seats only in the message to the driver, they cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that the driver can carry only 2 children seats at once.

I need a child seat for my 10-month old. Can you provide it?

We do provide children seats everywhere for children at least 3 years old. It is probable that we may not have the capacity to ensure transfer of a child younger than 3 years of age. In such cases, please contact us at support@talixo.com or at +49 30 346 497 360 and we will do what we can in your area.

Do you provide wheelchair assistance?

If you wish to book a ride with wheelchair assistance, please contact us by email before placing a booking at support@talixo.com

It would be more convenient for me to book a car for a couple of hours. Can I do that?

Of course! Our website platform provides a comfortable way to book the service.

It’s enough to click on “more options” on the main page:

And then choose the option of “Hourly booking” and how many hours you want to book. You can choose as many as 24!

What are the rules of hourly bookings?

As everything, hourly bookings have a couple of rules.

A trip booked hourly:

  • starts at the moment you meet the driver within the included waiting time
  • Ends in the area of the city where you indicated your pickup point
  • for Economy+ or Business booking class, has the included waiting time of 15 minutes for pickups outside of the airport and 45 minutes for Economy+ airport pickups, 60 minutes for Business airport pickups
  • For First Class, the included waiting time is 30 minutes for pickups outside of the airport. For airport pickups, the included waiting time is 90 minutes.

And as a couple of reminders: the hourly booking is only such that is booked for a certain amount of time, with any Talixo booking classes and has a specified pickup location, toll and parking fees are not included in the price.

Can I request a specific driver?

Unfortunately there is no such an option in our system yet.

Pickup, the ride and dropoff

You will get the name, surname and telephone number of your driver in an SMS until 30 minutes before the pickup time.

How can I be sure that my car is coming?

Once you have received a booking confirmation via email a car is immediately reserved for you. That car may change depending on availability, but the exact details of the driver and type of car will be sent to you via email and SMS right before your pickup time. This means that you can easily find and contact your driver if necessary.

What happens if I am late?

As soon as you notice that you might be late, please contact your driver directly and notify him about your delay. You can easily find the driver’s phone number in the email and SMS sent to you just prior to the ride. If you should forget to notify the driver about your delay, he/she will wait for you until the included waiting time has passed. If you don’t arrive within the allocated waiting time without informing the driver or calling Talixo Support, you will be charged a special fee for not showing up.

The no-show fee for Quality Taxis is the base fee (based on the regional taxi tariff) plus 15 minutes waiting time. This may vary depending on the region and country rules. The no show fee for Limousine bookings is the full fare of the ride.

What do I do if my driver is late?

Call the driver directly to see where they are. You find their phone number in the SMS you received before your ride with all the driver details. If you cannot get in touch with your driver please call our Talixo Support number where one of our Agents will help you to find your driver.

How will I recognise the driver?

For limousine bookings, we normally send the driver your name and surname that will appear on your pickup sign. You can also specify the text that will appear on your pickup sign while booking your ride. Once you come into the arrivals hall, just search for your pickup sign, your driver will be holding it.

For Quality Taxi bookings, you will be given the details of your car in the SMS that you’ll receive before your pickup.

In both types of bookings, if you cannot find your driver either way, you can always call them to the mobile number that you’ll receive in an SMS from us.

I know you track flights and I need to be dropped off at the airport. Will you drop me off at the appropriate terminal?

We track flights only for pickups from the airport.

The driver will drop you off at the address you provided in your booking. If the number of your terminal is specified in your dropoff location, great! If not, please inform the driver what terminal you would like to get to, at the beginning of your ride.

Bear in mind that your price has been calculated based on the distance and if your actual destination differs significantly from the original one, additional charge might occur.

What if my destination changed last minute?

Please notify the driver about your new destination. In some situations, the fact that you changed the dropoff point, may incur additional costs.

Can I bring additional passengers in the car on the spot?

The answer is yes if the car booked has the capacity to take more people in. If it’s not possible we will ask you to stick with the data you originally provided. The same happens if you bring more luggage than initially stated and the driver will not be able to fit it or with any short-notice request that we won’t be able to accommodate.

If you have any special requests it would be best to write them in the special requests box when placing a booking and we will do what we can to meet your needs.

I just took my McDonald’s takeaway right before the pickup, can I eat it during the ride?

We want to keep the cars in the highest standard and to be able to maintain it, we would ask you not to eat or drink in the vehicle during the ride. We would also like to kindly remind you that smoking is not allowed.

Please remember that if you cause any damage in/to the car, you will be asked to cover the additional costs.

Airport transfers

What is an airport transfer?

An airport transfer is a ride you take from the airport, after your plane lands. During the booking process we ask for a flight number, so that the driver can be there at the real time of your plane landing.

Please note we do not track flights when you take a ride to be dropped off at the airport. If you need to be dropped off at the specific terminal, please include it in your destination/dropoff address.

What if I provide incorrect flight number and want to change it?

You can change it directly in your account for free until 3 hours before the indicated pickup time.

What if my flight is delayed?

For limousine transfers, the driver will track your flight and wait for you at the airport at the actual flight arrival time. It’s a Talixo specialty.

Why do you pick up when the flight lands? I will need time to go through immigration!

In order to provide you with a seamless pickup experience, the limousine driver is tracking your flight and will be at the airport at your flight arrival time. Please note that we offer free waiting time for limousine transfers of 45 minutes for our Economy rides, 60 minutes for Business rides and 90 minutes for First Class rides. This is counted from your flight arrival time. You can add additional buffer time in a message to the driver whilst booking or contact our support after you have booked. If you need to exceed the waiting time at the last moment we will do our best to accommodate your request, but please note that we cannot guarantee that the driver will be able to wait longer than previously agreed. In case of exceeding included waiting time, additional fees specified in your confirmation shall apply.

In the case of Quality Taxi transfers, please contact your driver if you want them to wait, but please note that in this case, additional fees will apply.

My flight was diverted, but then it came back to the original airport. Will my driver still be there?

Unless you got in contact with the driver and told them to leave the airport, they will wait for you. Yet, whenever such unpredicted circumstances as flight diversion occur please always reach us at +49 30 346 497 360 as soon as you have the signal.

Where does the driver pick me up?

A detailed information about your specific meeting point at the airport will be provided in your booking confirmation email. For most of the airports the driver will be waiting for you after the baggage claim, however it might vary from airport to airport. For other locations the driver shall pick you up from the address booked, usually in front of the building.

Price and payment

How much does a transfer from x to y cost?

It depends on various factors, such as booking class, distance or the time when you book ahead of the ride. We suggest inserting all those specific details into our booking engine and click on “Start booking” to check the price for the booking you want to place. It’s free :)

Is the price displayed in the booking final?

The fare for a Quality Taxi is always the fare displayed on the taxi meter at the end of your ride, so please remember that the final price can differ from the one that is estimated during the booking.

For limousine bookings, the price that will display while placing a booking is the final price.

Please note that there are additional services, such as extra stopovers, detours, modifications or cancellation of your booking after the deadline or additional waiting time (not caused by flight delay though) that can be subject to extra charges.

If you change the ride destination after meeting the driver, the ride fare might change depending on the distance change.

  • Booking changes more than 3 hours before the respective pickup time of your ride are for free. Booking changes less than 3 hours prior to the respective pickup time are not possible. You would have to make a new booking and the full fare of your old booking will still be charged to you.

All prices of these services will be displayed on your booking site in your account and in your booking confirmation email.

Why do I need to provide my credit card details when I make a booking?

The goal of Talixo is to make taxi and limousine travel as easy, simple and comfortable as possible. E-payment is just one of the ways that we achieve this. By providing all information at the point of booking, you won’t have to pay your driver at the end of the ride, the payment is done electronically once authorised via your PIN or signature.

After you have booked with us once, Talixo can store your details safely and securely, meaning that for all subsequent bookings you can just choose to use your saved credit card with one click. If you need to; you can save several credit cards in your Talixo Account.

Is my payment information safe at Talixo?

Your payment information is handled with maximum care and is secure from unauthorised access. To guarantee maximum security Talixo works together with a renowned PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) licensed payment provider, who complies with the strictest security standards, so you don’t need to worry about providing us with your details.

Why do I need to give the driver a PIN?

PIN confirms to our system that you were taken to your destination. You will receive the PIN in your booking confirmation email and via SMS before the ride. On completion of the ride the driver will ask you to provide them with this PIN number.

If you do not have it with you or for some reason, your ride is a no-PIN ride, don’t worry, you can provide your actual signature instead.

Why did I not receive a PIN for my booking?

There are rare cases of rides we provide that do not require a PIN. In this case, you will be asked to give your signature when arrived at dropoff, f.e. in Talixo Driver App.

What if I can’t find, or I lose my 4-digit PIN?

If you do not have your PIN with you, you still can authorise the payment by signing either electronically or in a physical form, to confirm that the ride was completed.

When am I charged for the ride?

Please be aware that before the ride we pre-authorise the agreed amount on your credit/debit card. The amount is then blocked from your card but not charged yet -- the final charge is only made after the trip has been completed, usually 24 hours after the pickup time.

Contact, feedback and security

How can I contact you / customer support?

In many ways!

  • on the website chat
  • by email: support@talixo.com
  • by phone:
    • +49 (0) 30 346497360 (Germany)
    • +441748220043 (The United Kingdom)
    • +1 (646) 687-6714 (USA)

  • via Contact Form

What are your opening hours?

24/7! Our support team is ready to assist you all the days of the week, at all times, even on holidays.

How can I leave feedback on my ride?

Shortly after your ride is finished, we will send you an email asking you to provide us with your opinions about the experience.
You can also simply send us an email to support@talixo.com

How can I file a complaint?

Please write to us at complaints@talixo.com

How do you use my personal data?

We only use the data that is necessary to place a booking successfully. Your data such as name and surname are shared with the local fleet that will provide the ride and that’s all.
The details we need for the payment are secured with a special SSL certificate, it’s strictly protected and not shared with anyone.