• Be well-groomed, neatly and properly dressed and appearance shall be impeccable at any time (closed-toe shoes, long trousers, collared shirt or polo shirt).
  • Do not smoke inside the vehicle.
  • When driving, only accept calls via a hands-free speakerphone and do not make/accept any private phone calls as long as passengers are present.
  • Be available at any time for as long as you are on duty.
  • Do not listen to music when the passenger is present unless the passenger wishes to listen to music.
  • Be friendly, accommodating and discreet at any time.
  • Open the door and, if applicable, help the passenger get inside the car, get out of the car, load or unload his/her luggage.


  • You must be logged into the Talixo Driver App at least 1 (one) hour before the pick up time.
  • Be at the pick-up point at least 5 (five) minutes before the pickup time.
  • Present a Talixo sign during all pick ups.
  • You must inform the passenger about your arrival by following the subsequent steps:
    • Click the ‘I am at the pick up location’ button displayed by the Talixo Driver app, which then sends an automated SMS message to the passenger.
    • Call the given number (regardless of whether it is a landline or mobile number)
    • In case of airport pickups: Always call the passenger (by using the Talixo driver app feature) and confirm your arrival at least 5 (five) minutes after the scheduled landing time. If the passenger is offline, retry at least every 10 (ten) minutes.
    • Knock at the door or ring the doorbell.
    • Inform the reception that the transportation service provider hired by the passenger has arrived.

Reports and communication:

  • Your cell phone must be permanently switched on and should be available as long as you drive for PIM, especially when you wait for or pick up the passenger.
  • You must inform the Talixo operation team about any and all circumstances that might possibly prevent you from picking up a passenger at the time and place indicated in the booking information as soon as you become aware of such circumstances, in any case before the pick up time, if possible. the circumstances to be communicated to PIM include, but are not limited to:
    • Delays
    • Vehicle malfunction
    • Accident
    • Heavy traffic
  • The same applies with respect to any and all further circumstances that prevent or may possibly prevent you from performing the services as requested, e.g. if the passenger can neither be identified nor be reached by phone.
  • In case the customer cannot be identified, you must not drive off from the pick up location, unless (a) you have informed the Talixo hotline respectively and (b) you have obtained the explicit approval for driving off. Otherwise, you will lose your claim for payment of the “customer no show fee”.
  • PIM must be informed immediately about any and all objects or items that passengers may have forgotten. Such objects shall be safe-kept by PIM for at least eight (8) weeks.
  • Please note that if you drop a Talixo Market Job 4 hours or less before the pick up time, you will face penalty charges.

Performance of ride:

  • Do not accept cash for rides provided that a pin has been requested by the customer through the driver app.
  • Where applicable, insert the 4 digit PIN received by the passenger, in order to ‘close’ the ride - meaning that the ride is marked as performed.
  • If you fail to close a ride via the Talixo driver app immediately after having performed the ride, PIM is entitled to mark the respective ride as closed on your behalf, but a processing charge will be applied.
  • In case the passenger is unable to provide you with the PIN, you must ask for the customer’s signature on the ride report.
  • The scan of the ride report signed by the passenger must be communicated to Talixo electronically (ops@talixo.de) within 24 hours of the pickup time.
  • In case of additional waiting time or pickups (vias) the additional costs incurred have to be confirmed by the passenger immediately after the ride either by PIN in the app or signature on the ride report.