Talixo discounts and special promotions

If you pre-book your ride you have the chance to get discounts and special promotions with Talixo. This means for you, booking early saves you money. Take a ride with a Business Class Limousine at a taxi price or book an Economy Class Limousine cheaper than a comparable taxi ride. Talixo discounts and specials make it happen.

Talixo discounts

The moment you are making a booking, Talixo searches the cheapest rate for you within every booking category and specifically looks for discounts. In general the availability of discounts depends on pickup time, start and destination location. Discounts can go up to 50% in special cases. The earlier you book the higher is your chance to get a good discount. You better book now!

Talixo special promotions

On a frequent basis Talixo offers you special promotions granting special discounts for certain occasions or events. We announce those promotions on our web page and our Mobile App. Be ready, the next promotion is coming soon.


The Talixo Bonus Program

For every booking of taxis or limousines you can get Talixo Bonus Points. Talixo awards points especially for pre-bookings to thank your for your early commitment. And there is another reason: With your early commitment you allow us to optimize our fleet operations. With Talixo Bonus Points you can participate in that efficiency gain. The earlier you book the more points you get for your booking.

When booking Quality Taxis you receive points for booking at least 2 hours ahead. When booking Limousines pre-book at least 2 days in advance to receive Talixo Bonus Points. For each booking the points are derived individually and displayed during the booking process. After completion of your ride the Talixo Bonus Points will be credited to your account and can be used to get great rewards.

Talixo rewards

Talixo selected interesting and useful rewards for you which you can find in the Talixo Shop. We constantly improve and update the reward selection in our shop. Have a look! If you have ideas or remarks regarding new or current rewards, please do not hesitate to contact us at bonusprogramm@talixo.de