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      Taxi Sofia

      Book your airport transfer in Sofia

      Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the largest city in the country, which is named after the late antique cathedral "St. Sofia". In the 2011 census population is 1,291,591 people, representing 16.4% of the population of Bulgaria. The city is the administrative, industrial, transport, cultural and educational center of the country, as it focuses 1/6 of industrial production in Bulgaria. In Sofia are Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, many universities, theaters, cinemas and the National Art Gallery, archaeological, historical, Natural History and other museums. Sofia is the 13th largest city in the European Union. That's why we offer airport transfer Sofia service for your travel.

      Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the most unique cities you can visit. Filled with culture, historic sightings and tourist spots, the city is also a growing industrial center in Eastern Europe. Whatever the reason for your visit may be, you might also want to book a professional airport transfer Sofia service, so that you can rest assured that you are taken from the airport to your hotel safely and sound. Why Visit Sofia?

      • A booming industrial city in Eastern Europe
      • A city with amazing culture and history
      • A culture center and the capital of Bulgaria

      Save and Secure Airport Transfer with Taxi in Sofia for Everyone

      The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is one of the busiest cities in Eastern Europe. Filled with great outsourcing opportunities and culture-driven locations, the city is a common place for both business and tourist travel. However, arriving in Sofia you will tackle taxi drivers who don't necessarily understand English and you will have to navigate your way around by tackling the difficult to understand Cyrillic alphabet. If you want to avoid an unpleasant travel experience, you can book our services at Talixo. Working with local professionals we are able to deliver fast and secure airport transfer with taxi for everyone. Our drivers know multiple languages and will be able to communicate with you perfectly. What's more, they are well familiar with the area and are going to safely transfer you to your desired location. If going first class is more your speed, we also offer black car Sofia services as well as chauffeur services in Bulgaria's capital, so we are able to fit your needs and deliver on exactly what you need.

      Tourist Travel in Sofia

      Sofia is the largest city and capital of Bulgaria. Founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to grow, becoming a cultural and economic center of Bulgaria. Today in the capital, home to more than 1.25 million people. The city is located in the western part of the country, near Sofia plain at the foot of Vitosha mountain. The average altitude is 550 meters, the climate is temperate and is characterized by cold and snowy winters and cool summers. The average January temperature is -1 ° C and average July temperature of + 20 ° C.

      The city is situated on a strategic crossroads, in which the connection between Western Europe (through Belgrade-Skopje-Plovdiv-Istanbul) for the countries of the Middle East, between the Danube and the Aegean coast, between the Black Sea and the Adriatic. Sofia is relatively close to the capitals most Balkan countries: Ankara - 1012 km, Athens - 837 km Belgrade - 374 km Bucharest - 395 km Zagreb - 762 km Ljubljana - 897 km Sarajevo - 549 km Skopje - 239 km, Tirana - 553 km. Sofia originate highway "Trakia", "Lyulin" and "Hemus". Sofia Airport provides convenient access to all major European cities and the central railway station and bus station can reach anywhere in the country. Although there are some Taxi services in Europe, most local chauffeurs don't know English very well. However, to avoid dealing with the Cyrillic alphabet or translators you can use a Sofia Airport Transfer Taxi service, such as Talixo.

      The Antiquity of Sofia

      Sofia was inhabited in antiquity. The city kept many valuable monuments of great bygone eras. Walking around the capital, tourists can see the exposed remains of the East Gate of Serdica - Sredets, dating from II - XIV century. The remains found in the underpass between the Presidency and the Council of Ministers and around them there are many shops where you can buy traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and rosewater.

      One of the oldest churches in the capital's Basilica "St. Sofia ", built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian (527-565 AD). Used as the main temple of belief, during the Ottoman rule it was converted into a mosque. Near the "Sophia" is the cathedral "St. Alexander Nevsky "- one of the symbols of the capital. The temple was built in 1912, designed by Russian architect Alexander Pomerantsev. Its bell tower rises to a height of 53 meters, has 12 bells and the worst of them is 10 tons. This is one of the favorite places for tourists - pilgrims in Sofia, the building of the temple can accommodate about 5,000 people, large Christian holidays square around the temple is filled with believers. In the crypt of "St. Al. Nevsky "is exposure to the Orthodox art. Opposite the temple is situated National Gallery for Foreign Art, which often hosts exhibitions of world famous artists.

      The oldest church in Sofia is the rotunda "St. George". It is believed that was built in IV c., During the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great. Very close to the rotunda in the underpass leading to the metro station "Serdika" is the church "St. Petka of the Saddlers', built in the eleventh century. Another Christian landmark in the area is Catholic Cathedral" St. Joseph. " Walking in the area, tourists can not miss the mosque "Banya Bashi", built in the sixteenth century. Not far away is and Synagogue, which has a museum. There is hardly any other city in Europe in which so close to one another are located religious centers of Orthodox, Catholics, Jews and Muslims. Nearby can be seen still remnants of ancient times, and the building of the Central bathroom Les Halles, the temple "St. Nedelya". Against "St. Sunday "is the building of the Theological Faculty, where pomeshtavava National Church Historical and Archaeological Museum. Among the landmarks of the city are more Lions and Eagle Bridge, Russian monument, the monument of Vasil Levski (fighter for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule in the XIX century).

      A City Filled with Culture

      In the area of ​​religious monuments and opposite the Presidency is the National Archaeological Museum. It keeps some of the most valuable treasures found in Bulgaria. Masterpieces of Bulgarian art can be viewed at the National Art Gallery, located in the building of the former royal palace. It houses the National Museum of Ethnography. Nearby is also the National Museum of Natural History, which kept stuffed extremely valuable and even extinct plant and animal species. Right next to the museum is the Russian church "St. Nicholas ", which impresses with its architecture. National Assembly, the monument of King Liberator and the building of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "have also been identified as one of the symbols of Sofia. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in Sofia is one of the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov".

      At the foot of Vitosha Mountain, in Boyana, is the National History Museum, which stores historical monuments from prehistory to the present day. This museum is one of the largest funds - more than 700 000 monuments. Near the museum is located and the Boyana Church - one of the Bulgarian monuments included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

      In the capital there are many more museums - Polytechnic Museum, Anthropological Museum, the Museum of Sports and others. As the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia constantly hosts numerous cultural, musical, sporting and other events. The National Palace of Culture, the stadiums and in big halls in the city hosts many concerts of famous groups and singers. Palace in May and June was revived by the performances of the participants in the International Festival "Sofia Music Weeks". Numerous theaters and galleries in Sofia offer interesting and varied program.

      The city is among the preferred destinations for congresses and exhibitions - many convention centers offer a variety of options. National Palace of Culture, for example, often hosts business forums and exhibitions.

      Nature, Malls and Everything in Between

      In Sofia are concentrated and one of the most prestigious and large educational institutions - universities, colleges, secondary schools, which offer a modern and stable education in areas such as architecture, medicine, humanities, engineering, music and choreography, fine arts and many others .

      In the vicinity of Sofia - mainly in the nearby mountains Vitosha, Lozen and the Balkan Mountains, over the centuries they have built many monasteries, which form the so-called Sofia Sveta Gora. The complex is uniting many monasteries, which have acted as cultural centers and conserving Bulgarian spirit in the era of Ottoman rule. Today are available Dragalevski, Lozen, German, Kremikovtsi, Cherepashki, Osen Vlashki and other monasteries.

      The capital has a variety of sports facilities - indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, modern gymnasiums, parks and stadiums in the city meet the many fans of the big Bulgarian football teams.

      Parks in Sofia are a favorite place for recreation and sports. In the center of town is the park Borisova Gradina, near the National Palace of Culture is South Park. Near Sofia - in the town. Ihtiman with. Equal field are constructed and two golf courses which offer good conditions for this already popular sport in Bulgaria.

      In winter, Mount Vitosha is a favorite place for skiers and snowboarders, and in summer is one of the most popular places for picnics and hiking. Within the mountain is located and the natural park "Vitosha" - the oldest on the Balkan Peninsula. The vegetation of the park is extremely rich and diverse. Ten of the Vitosha peaks with an altitude over 2,000 meters, the highest among them is the Black Peak (2290 m). It rises in the central part of the mountain. Vitosha is a favorite place for recreation for many local residents and tourists. Weekends meadows and trails in the park is alive with lovers of beautiful scenery. More on the park you can learn in Nature Conservation Information Center "Vitosha", located about 1 km from the square. Dragalevci near Dragalevski monastery.

      Vitosha mountain is a popular destination for winter sports lovers. Ski centers in the mountains are two - "Aleko" and "Konjarnik." "Aleko" is situated at 1800 meters above sea level, runs his north, there are conditions for night skiing. "Konjarnik" is 1507 meters above sea level The total The total length of the slopes in the mountains is 29 kilometers, and the longest is 5 km and the maximum displacement is 780 m. The slopes are suitable for both advanced and beginner skiers.

      For Children in Sofia have plenty of fun. In many parks there are modern and safe playing facilities available to kids in the city there are children's parks, and clubs to play indoors.

      As any big city, Sofia offers accommodation that can satisfy every taste. There are a large number of high category hotels and international chains, hostels and small family hotels. Locals are extremely diverse and offer entertainment for all tastes - discos, restaurants, bars, piano bars, folk clubs, taverns, bakeries, fast food and many others.

      Sofia is a city with a well-developed spa tourism. The mineral resources in the nearby resort of Bankya offer excellent conditions for treatment, recreation and wellness. In the capital itself there are dozens of spa centers where you can find peace and rest and indulge in beauty treatments and rehabilitation.

      The popular "Vitosha" is among the favorite places for visitors and residents of the capital. There are shops of international brands, and the status of the pedestrian zone makes it a pleasant place to stroll and relax. Shopping opportunities in the city are many and varied - there are concentrated some of the largest shopping centers in the Balkans. The town also has a celebration on the day of Faith, Love and Belief, on the 17th of February each year.

      Popular Tourist Spots in Sofia

      Our airport transfer Sofia service can take you to the hotel from the airport, but our taxi service Sofia drives can also take you to these amazing places in the city.

      The square in front of "St. Alexander Nevsky"

      There is hardly a well-known place. Cathedral "Alexander Nevski", named after the great Russian saint as an act of gratitude to the Russian soldiers who participated in the struggle for liberation from Ottoman yoke, is the most common landmark tourist cards that foreign visitors to take a souvenir from dear our fatherland.

      Borisova Gradina

      Or as known "Freedom Park". The largest park area in Sofia is a favorite place to relax in the hectic city. It is interesting for ornithologists - the Park found 30 species of birds - a rare variety of urban area.


      This emblematic for Sofia white monument crowned with the big wheel above the main entrance resembling the eye of a Cyclops, was built in 1981 to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state. In fact, the famous wheel is the work of the great George Chapkanov sun and is reminiscent of the ceilings of the houses from the Renaissance era.

      Eagle Bridge

      A sacred place for Bulgarian democracy lately. By 1945 Eagle Bridge was something as solemn entrance of Sofia. Here is over the capital, and after the bridge was only instantaneous "Samokov road" (present "Tsarigradsko Shosse").

      The church "St. Nedelya"

      The old cards will encounter as "The Cathedral" St. King '', with several towers instead of the current dome. This name is due to the fact that there are relics of the Serbian King Stefan Uros II Milutin. In the historical memory it remains a terrible attack of 1925, after which the church was reconstructed in order to obtain its current form.

      The ancient Serdica

      The walls remaining from the Roman town Ulpia Serdica, so named after Emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajan, the ruler under whom the Roman Empire reached its greatest flowering, recall the glorious days of Sofia. Emperor Constantine the Great even intend to move the capital of the empire here. Ultimately, today's Bulgarian capital lost to the other candidate - Constantinople.

      Central Station

      The biggest railway station in Bulgaria in 1888 became a collective space for new arrivals in the Bulgarian capital citizens. At that time the station was located on the north side of Sofia, which had a modest population of 30,000 people.

      Lion Bridge

      One of the oldest symbols of Sofia. The bridge has existed during the Ottoman yoke, when is decorated with several colored lines and therefore was known to the townspeople as "Shreniya bridge." Lions appeared in 1889, when the bridge was transformed and further strengthening.

      Princely garden

      A little known as a place name, but probably visited by nearly every resident or visitor of the capital. It is talking about that garden between Eagle Bridge Boulevard. "Vasil Levski" over which proudly sticks Monument of the Soviet Army - tuch stone, which is debatable whether depicts Soviet soldiers or comic book superheroes. In its southern part is the zoo before being moved to its present location in 1981 aristocratic name of the park is not accidental - before his abdication Ferdinand is planned to erect a palace in this place - more beautiful and majestic than this of yellow brick.

      In front of the National Theater

      The theater and the park with gushing fountains in front of him has always been a symbol of the capital. They attend most postcards from the early 20th century as the epitome of aristocratic appearance of the capital - as a glamorous palace, standing out behind the palace garden with fountains.

      Best Hotels in Sofia

      Our professional airport transfer Sofia service will be able to take you straight from the airport to one of these amazing hotels. Sofia has a great combination of budget prices and five-star accommodation service.

      Grand Hotel Sofia

      The hotel in the city center can boast many famous guests such as Antonio Banderas, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, Julio Iglesias, Novak Djokovic, Paulo Coelho and others. His panoramic apartments have a living room and bedroom and a terrace of 80 sq. Meters with panoramic views of Sofia. Grand apartment has a cabinet, a closet and a luxurious marble bathroom with whirlpool tub.

      Hilton Sofia Hotel

      Hilton Sofia is one of the best hotels in Sofia. On 8th and 9th floor of the hotel is the VIP rooms that offer guests, except spectacular views of the city center, a separate work area and access to VIP lounge with complimentary breakfast and refreshments. Our chauffeur service Sofia is able to take you straight from the airport to this hotel.

      Holiday Inn, Sofia

      The hotel offers 130 rooms, including business rooms and suites, many with mountain view. During your stay you can take advantage of 19-meter indoor swimming pool and separate children's pool, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, gym, solarium and numerous relaxation rooms for spa treatments, including hot stone massage and chocolate therapy.

      Hotel Anel, Sofia

      The presidential suite of a five-star business hotel is located on the top floor offers spectacular views of Sofia. Designed and furnished entirely by designer, it offers guests a decorative plaster elements, wood, sculptures and paintings by famous Bulgarian artists. It consists of two spacious bedrooms with two bathrooms, a living room with kitchenette. The approximate room size is 173 square meters. Our airport transfer Sofia service drivers will take you directly to the hotel from the airport with a black car Sofia service, if you prefer or with a budget option, if it fits more your budget and money.

      Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel, Sofia

      This is the only place in the world that combines a hotel with historic artifacts. In the Arena di Serdica are preserved ruins of an ancient amphitheater the III century, which was built for the entertainment of the ancient Romans. The hotel offers 63 rooms and suites, offering different packages - spa and wellness for honeymooners, romantic temptation or culinary.

      Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia

      The hotel has 142 rooms and suites, some of which offer a spectacular view of the imposing parliament building and the golden domes of the temple-monument "Alexander Nevski". The suites have a separate living room with working area, which makes them very suitable for business meetings.

      Sofia Plaza Hotel

      Another great hotel in Sofia where our airport transfer Sofia service can take you without any hassle from the airport to the hotel is the Sofia Plaza Hotel. Exquisite and offering amazing accommodation, this hotel is definitely one of the best in Sofia.

      Business Travel in Sofia

      Today, Sofia is the largest industrial center of Bulgaria, an advantage is given to the development of heavy industry. In Sofia there are about 800 large enterprises. In Sofia are concentrated 75% of the steel industry, 50% of printing, 15% of electrical and electronic industries, 14% of fur and shoe industry of the country. Produced chemical, textile and food production. Construction, commerce and transport linking the physical and social infrastructure of the city are highly developed. The private sector on the territory of Sofia Municipality is concentrated mainly in the fields of trade and services. Operate in Sofia and the Sofia Stock Exchange and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

      This makes Sofia a perfect destination for new business opportunities. If you want to travel in style in Sofia, we are able to offer special black car Sofia service, which will take you anywhere you want in the city in true style. Sofia is perfect place for business travel, so make sure to check it out today.

      Airport Transfer and Taxi Services in Sofia

      Whether you are visiting Sofia on a business trip or just for personal pleasure, we at Talixo are able to offer the best airport transfer Sofia service there is. We have multitude of options for you to choose from to fit your budget. We have a taxi service Sofia, as well as a Black car Sofia service for those who want a bit more luxurious experience. Whatever the case for your visit may be, our drivers will ensure that you are taken to your destination safely and securely. What's more, even though most Bulgarians don't necessarily know English, our drivers do, so that you can be certain that you are understood and as they know all the ins and outs of the city, you can rest assured that you will be taken to your destination in style taxi service.

      Make sure to book your Talixo airport transfer Sofia service today.