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      M. Vogel, VOGEL Ingenieure

      We were very pleased with the service and would happily use it again when we are next in Germany.

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      Airport Transfer Los Angeles Services

      Have you ever wanted to travel to the wildest city in the world? Los Angeles is a cultural capital and is a true entertainment center. Home of the biggest celebrities and the infamous Hollywood letters sign, Los Angeles also has a booming industry, making it perfect for any type of travel. We are offering Airport Transfer Los Angeles Services to anyone who is going to visit this amazing city.

      Why Visit Los Angeles?

      • It's the home of the infamous Hollywood Sign
      • Perfect Destination for Celebrity Buzz Tourism
      • A Booming Industry for Business
      • Save and Secure Airport Transfer and Los Angeles For Everyone

        Whether you are on a business or private trip, but you'd want to safely travel from the airport to your hotel, then you've come to the right place. At Talixo, we are able to offer you the best Los Angeles airport transfer service. You will be able to get to your destination with style. Whether you want a simple taxi service Los Angeles or you want a black car Los Angeles service, you might rest assured that we have the right thing for you.

        Tourist Travel in Los Angeles

        Los Angeles is unlike any other regular city. It is more a legend and a magnet for artists and "free spirits" . More of them live in Hollywood. If compared to New York, Los Angeles skyscrapers are only a few. They are located mainly in the city center. Often earthquakes that worry the California capital, do not allow the construction of high buildings. The center of Los Angeles (downtown) is clipped by a complex network of streets can be viewed on foot without difficulty. West from the center, toward the coast, it stretches almost 40 km wide strip, which are known neighborhoods - ranging from the "dream factory", known as Hollywood, then pass through the exclusive Beverly Hills and ended with slenchevite beaches of Santa Monica and Venice.

        If any metropolis deserves the name "city in the world," it's certainly Los Angeles. In this multinational mix probably represented all ethnic groups in the world. Of course, this fact can also create inconvenience.

        Interesting Facts about Lost Angeles

        The largest city in California, the second largest in the United States (primarily in busy area). Divided into five areas (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura) and 94 "villages". The main languages of the city are English and Spanish with the main religion being Christianity. The currency of the city is the US dollar.

        Main neighborhoods of the city are Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica, Venice. The principal mountain ranges are San Gabriel, Santa Monic and the main airport of the city is the International Airport Los Angeles.

        Los Angeles is an American city in Los Angeles County, California. Its name in Spanish means "angels." The second most populous city in the US after New York City with population of just above 3.8 million people it is one of the largest economic, cultural and entertainment centers in the world. Legalized as a city in California on April 4, 1850, when the number of its inhabitants is only 1610. According to the 2000 population is 3,694,820, but according to the California Finance Department to May 1, 2005 the city's population is 3,957,875 people, and urban agglomeration - 13,545,623 people. It occupies an area of ​​1200 square kilometers, making it larger than Chicago. The city has twice hosted the Olympics - in 1932 and 1984.

        • Area: 1215 km2 (the whole area of ​​urban population is 6,000 km2)
        • Population: the urban population of the city is just above 3.8 million inhabitants - 41 percent white, 38 percent Hispanic, 11 percent non-white
        • Population density: 3283 people per square kilometer
        • The highest peak: Mount Lukens (1549 m)
        • Altitude: 84 m
        • Network of motorways: 1200 km
        • Length of coastline: 65 km.

        The main industries in the city are pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, electronic (production of microprocessors), automotive, cosmetic, cinematographic, with the main service being the tourism. The climate is mediterranean with mild winters, hot and dry summer. The temperatures in January are in the middle range - between 7 and 18 degrees, and in July are also in the middle range - between 17 and 24 degrees.

        The most unusual city in the world

        Los Angeles is now a real cultural renaissance and many define it as the world's new cultural center. And while New Yorkers sour repeated the mantra that there is no greater city in the world from New York to Los Angeles is developing a dynamic art scene driven by the energy of young and experimental artists and set money ambitious art investors.

"I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They are wonderful. " says Andy Warhol in those legendary times of the New York avant-garde in the '60s and' 70s, which gave a boost to contemporary art. Indeed Los Angeles as the city of the great illusion called cinema, until very recently never shone with its cultural scene. Six or seven years hardly anyone would have guessed that the opening of the exhibition will displace film premieres of the top places in the calendar of worldly events in the city. That's why Los Angeles is often called "the capital of entertainment" by its residents and visitors. In the city operate tens of thousands of entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. The main centers of nightlife and pleasures are concentrated in the city center, near Silver Lake, Hollywood, West Hollywood (the famous street of bars and clubs Sunset Strip).

        The Top 10 Places to Visit in Los Angeles

        Los Angeles is the largest city in California and all of the West Coast of the United States.
Here is the world capital of cinema - Hollywood. Here are the most interesting places in LA to which our chauffeur service Los Angeles drivers can take you. 

        The Hollywood Letters

        The inscription was placed in 1923 by property agency, and today has become a symbol of the city. Located on Mount Lee. Each letter is 14 meters high, and the sign is 110 meters long.
Sees are a great mall of Hollywood & Highland Center on Hollywood Boulevard.

        Walk of Fame

        Walk of fame today there are about 2500 stars. It covers 15 blocks. Tourists enjoy taking pictures with the star of your favorite musicians or actors.

        The Tour of Universal Studios and from the Decor from the series "Friends"

        The studios, which filmed movies offer tours for tourists. In studio Warner Brothers can see cars Batman sets of TV series "Friends" may enter the studio where filming "big bang theory" and others. The tour continues in Sony Pictures 2:00 and see where they filmed movies like Spiderman, Men in Black, The Wizard of Oz. The tour of Universal Studios continued for 45 minutes. Tourists ride on a tram and go through places where shoot "Desperate Housewives" and others. In Paramount Studios tour lasts two hours. You will learn much about the history of cinema.

        Santa Monica pier

        This pier is 100 years old and a favorite place to spend the afternoon free for guests and residents of Los Angeles.

        Venice Beach

        Walk of Venice Beach is one of the most visited places here. It is 4.8 km long.
Along its shops, restaurants, street musicians, open gyms, playgrounds for beach volleyball, playgrounds and more.

        Griffith Park

        The park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and has an area of ​​4,000 acres. Here is a zoo, observatory Griffith, golf courses, concert halls and others.

        The Most Popular TV Show Studios

        These studios are recorded some of the most popular TV shows. In LA every day shoot TV shows and recruit people for the audience. There are many sites where you can register for a free ticket for the public.

        Getty Center

        Located in Brentwood, on a hill overlooking the city. Besides being an art gallery, the center is known for its beautiful gardens and architecture. One of the most popular exhibits is the picture of Van Gogh's "Irises."

        Rodeo Drive

        In LA there are many places to shop, Rodeo Drive but is perhaps best known. Here are boutiques that Julia Roberts went in the movie "Pretty Woman."

        Tour near the homes of movie stars

        One of the most popular attractions for tourists here are bus tours in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills, where you go with a guide near the homes of the stars. Most houses behind high fences and did not really see much, and chances to hit a star to enter or exit a little, but still happened. A walk lasts two hours.

        The Top 7 Restaurants in Los Angeles

        LA is full of great restaurants where hipster, creative people and celebrities come to eat delicious. If you go to the City of Angels , take a look at the seven best restaurants in Los Angeles where our professional chauffeur service Los Angeles airport transfer taxi drivers can take you directly from the airport to your destination.

        Baco Mercat

        The restaurant Baco Mercat of Chef Josef Centeno's offers a menu that changes with the seasons, with a fusion cuisine dishes which are found in different flavors INGREDIENTS and in eastern and western Mediterranean. Try the house specialty, pita sandwiches "Baco". Bread is the main preparation and is served both as classic sandwiches and pizzas with toppings as delicious. Workers and intellectuals from the Baco Mercat wine, as well as couples and groups of friends who want to eat something before a show on Broadway. For larger groups of three, make a reservation a week before, using e-mail.


        Residents young and fashionable in East Hollywood and Silver Lake, gather at SQIRL to enjoy something in addition to a café usual. At first, the owner started a thriving business with jams, which made him famous for creative combinations of ingredients such as blueberry jam with thyme or the tomato with cilantro. Of course, toast smeared with jam, here is unbelievable.They have few tables available, due to the number of guests attending SQIRL. But coffee of high quality and abundance of vegan and vegetarian dishes, makes the food here to be a diverse, delicious and worth your wait to be served.

        The Ivy

        Join the diverse crowd, with stars everywhere, at The Ivy. Dine "al fresco" on the popular terrace surrounded by a white picket fence, where you'll find a pleasant atmosphere. Los Angeles brilliant embodiment, here you see paparazzi teeming attached restaurant, an otherwise very ordinary thing because it is one of the places where the stars go out to be seen. With a menu respectable typical Californian with delicious desserts and cocktails excellent, the decor resembles that of a tea room English-style old: tablecloths with floral and plaid chairs, seats, walls decorated with porcelain plates white and blue, vases and other decorations kitsch.

The Hudson

        Quality you like hamburgers? Hudson then the restaurant is perfect for you! Inspired by Chicago bars before Prohibition period, The Hudson serves an excellent food and great cocktails (with discounts on alcoholic beverages between the hours 16-19). Customers sit on the benches upholstered with a soft, Edison bulbs, hanging from wooden beams emit a soft light, pleasant. When you look around you see two tree trunks that rise through the roof: the Hudson is basically a tree house, a pleasant hideaway in West Hollywood, which has DJs. Their retail clients are creative people and hipster relax. With a delicious menu, chose wisely, The Hudson offers hamburgers, fried chicken, fries and fish tacos with. Their brunch menu offers generous mimosa cocktails and beermosa.

        L & E Oyster Bar

        Specializing in culinary art of cooking oysters, L & E Oyster Bar , Silverlake Boulevard, skilfully mixed with a luxurious bistro serving seafood bar with a relaxed atmosphere. L & E Oyster Bar attract local customers dressed, enjoying the delights offered by the abundance of oyster dishes. Can you come here on a Sunday afternoon for discounts on oysters (between 17-19 hours). Stay at one of the tables outside on the sidewalk and enjoy a glass of wine and oysters. You can choose from the menu and other seafood or meat dishes like clam chowder or steak sandwiches.

        The Church Key

        Not many restaurants can boast waiters dressed in vintage uniforms of drivers who push carts with food. But at The Church Key , pushchairs are paraded constantly, sometimes stopping near you, give you snacks alongside what you ordered. Attracting a clientele stylish, sophisticated restaurant that American dim sum (Chinese dumplings) found the perfect combinţia between novel cuisine and delicious cuisine. Ambient light complements modern décor chairs and sofas, hardwood floors, white brick walls and a large fireplace.

        Bottega Louie

        Set in building Brockman Building, 100 years old, the versatile restaurant Bottega Louie combines Italian and American cuisine and patisserie offers a gourmet shop (where you can buy many delicacies). Open space, animated, more like a Parisian brasserie, with its white marble, wood furniture and fresh flowers. Come early because reservations are not accepted. If you have to wait for a table, rinse your eyes with colorful desserts exposed, and do not forget to take a box of macarons Lunches, before you leave. The thirty-somethings meet here early for a morning breakfast or later for dinner. If you just want dessert, you can sit at the bar.

        The Top 5 Hotels in Los Angeles

        If you want to be taken directly from the airport to these wonderful top hotels in Los Angeles our chauffeurs that offer Los Angeles airport transfer at Talixo will be able to offer you just that.

        Sunset Marquis Hotel

        One of the biggest and most beautiful hotels in Los Angeles, the Sunset Marquis Hotel is definitely a place you would want to stay. Filled with comfort and offering its guest a special lobby bar and spa services, this hotel might be a bit expensive for some, but it is definitely worth the price.

        Travelodge Hotel at Lax

        If you are looking for something that is more budget friendly, you should look no further than the Travelodge Hotel at Lax. Our chauffeur service Los Angeles will be able to take you directly from the airport to this wonderful small hotel, so that you can fully enjoy your stay on a budget.

        Airport Transfer Los Angeles Services

        Another relatively budget hotel, but at the same time extremely great and comfortable is the Holiday Inn in Los Angeles. If you want to enjoy a great stay at amazing rooms for a fraction of the price of some other hotels, then the Holiday Inn is for you. Plus, if you've stayed at previous places in the Holiday Inn, you already know what to expect from this hotel.

        London West, Beverly Hills

        If you want to enjoy the full five-star experience, you should simply book our black car Los Angeles services, and head straight from the airport to the London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills. A boutique hotel, it is just a few steps away from Beverly Hills and the shops down the street of the Rodeo Drive. Even though the hotel is found in Beverly Hills and not directly in Los Angeles city, it is nonetheless one of the best five star hotels in the area.

        Hotel Sofitel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills

        Another great hotel in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, the Hotel Sofitel is one of the best hotels that is also relatively cheap and offers great value for the money. The hotel has a luxury spa center, as well as gourmet restaurants, rooms with free Wi-Fi and huge baths and more.

        Business Travel in Los Angeles

        Currently LA is one of the most rapidly growing cities in America. via Rodeo Beverly Hills is highly attractive for investors and people seeking fulfillment. Embodies the American dream, because here it can be difficult to break into the business, but do you know him opportunities that open before you are truly endless. It is a city of great contrasts. They can see extremely shiny and rich neighborhoods, some of which are among the most popular in the world. But there are many places where it is not advisable to walk as rampant dangerous gangs and has a very high crime. The central part of the city's business and administrative functions. Here rise modern and very tall skyscrapers, although the city is located in an area with high seismic activity. Skyscrapers are built so as to withstand earthquakes that would be fatal for the buildings in other parts of the world. Near LA is San Andreas fault, which is a huge crack formed in the movement of plates in the earth's crust.

        If you've decided to travel across America and want to explore Los Angeles, know that this can not be done without a vehicle. The distances are really huge and the streets are not made for pedestrians but for cars. It is best to hire a car. However, this is the city with the largest territory on the planet. It is possible to travel two hundred kilometers without even leaving the confines of this global metropolis. The reasons for this are many. One of them is, in fact, Los Angeles is not a city. In fact, this is an administrative grouping of about 90 cities, thus forming the famous LA. Another reason is that people here live mainly in via Rodeo Beverly Hills Los Angeles California housing area, and it is relatively very large yards (especially the rich) and this violates urban compactness. A relatively large area has a low population density.

        Airport Transfer and Taxi Services in Los Angeles

        Whatever the reason for your travel might be, make sure to hire our amazing chauffeurs. Knowing the ins and outs of the city, they will be able to take you at any location you desire. Safe and secure transport from the airport to your destination is a guarantee with our airport transfer Los Angeles and taxi services in the city.

        Hire the best airport transfer Los Angeles chauffeur services at Talixo today.